The Party Line


21st April 2015


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  • The Party Line Title
  • Acrylic on deep sided canvas Media
  • 91 x 91 cm Size

I painted this picture shortly before the UK Elections of 2010, and after the Presidential Elections in USA.

It seems to me that the greatest threat to positive political debate is the evolving concept that being involved in politics requires skills in playing all sorts of psychological games, in the use of promoting fear and threat, language that is ambiguous, and an apparent belief that this is what politics is about and it’s OK so long as you don’t get found out.

Whether or not we like the thought, we are all involved in politics’ because we all use/abuse the use of power in our everyday interactions.

I my view, Politics should not be seen as a “dirty” word … with integrity, we could be “game free|, using positive ways to obtain power and influence in order to benefit the collective. The Party Line shows how any of us can get carried away with lies and fabrications which we repeat until we believe them.

In 1963 I painted “The Politcial Speaker, so the theme is not new for me”